Our voice has body (BOOK) + Abro (CD)

Mariana Masetto


Código: 2079


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Este disco fue seleccionado en setiembre de 2018 .


  1. 1. Sirena

  2. 2. Encuentro
  3. 3. Paloma
  4. 4. Le bonheur
  5. 5. Agua del cerro
  6. 6. Narciso
  7. 7. Remolinos
  8. 8. Agua de rosas

Ficha técnica

Our voice has body (BOOK)

132 pages
Soft cover
400 g


Abro (CD)


Mariana Masetto: voice and drums
Miguel de Olaso: luth
Quito Gato: guitar
Sonia Alvarez: harp 
David Bedoya: cuatro


Recorded and mixed by Ariel Gato
Mastering in Abbey Road Studios (UK) by Eng. Miles Showell y Alex Gordon


Edición de autor

Mariana Masetto is musician, singer, percussionist and, starting from her own experience, she linked the practice of yoga with that of singing. First he put together a blog with exercises, that grew until it became a book, which goes out on the street coincidentally with a new album, the fifth of his solo career. Club members can buy the book + CD at an incredible price.

Our voice has body - A vision on singing associated to yoga. As we read, it's an approach to the practice of singing linked to corporal exercises (and therefore respiratory) of this discipline that came from the East. With great humility (it is a vision, not a definitive method) and a lot of clarity, Mariana Masetto is guiding the reader through different exercises in which physiological sustenance is not lacking: there are explanations, illustrations, and everything can have continuity in the blog of the singer.

But the book would only be a theoretical point if its author could not demonstrate with its own voice the result of these practices. And Abro, his new album, works as a perfect complement to what Masetto turned to writing. Throughout the eight songs his voice flows like a calm stream, both in his own songs as in a chacarera or in cueca cuyana Remolinos. The audio, with the usual preciosity of Ariel Gato and the mastering done in the mythical studios of Abbey Road, is a delight.

A third complement is, in the YouTube channel of Mariana Masetto, the videos of each track. Filmed in different landscapes of Argentina, Brazil, England, you can see it as one can imagine it after reading the book and listening to the record. A good posture to sing, happiness in her face and harmony with the nature that surrounds her and of which she is also a part.

IMPORTANT: There is an app for mobile phones. The application is to perform the exercises of the book with vocalizations interpreted in piano, sequences that were armed according to the posture, the way that the muscles are arranged and the morphogenetic fields. During the month of September, the members of the Club del Disco that order the book + CD can download the app free in its version for Iphone. The Android version costs $ 1.99 (US Dollars).

Club del Disco


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